Who is an arborist?

Arborist is an tree care specialist who takes care of urban and park trees throughout their life span. He considers the safety of himself, other persons and their property, trying to improve the health conditions and decorativeness of high landscaping according to biological processes of trees.

Arborist´s tasks include planting and taking care of trees of from „roots to top“ – selection of proper plants, appropriate planting and aftercare works, pruning of grown-up and mature trees and removal of hazardous branches. An arborist fells trees in narrow conditions (between houses, in cemeteries etc) safely using rope technology or basket lift.

The higher degree arborist can deliver consultations and dendrological or dendropathological expert assessments to projectors, builders and landowners on the condition of the trees, their preserving possibilitises and maintenance requirements.

An arborist has studied on the basis of approved program in educational institution holding relevant training permits. In Estonia arborists are trained since 2006 in Luua Forestry School.

In fall of 2012 Voltvet training Centre in Tihemetsa (today Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre ) started with the certified trainings too.

First arborist vocational certificates (level 2) were issued on 28.01.2008.

What are the skills for an arborist to pass the professional exam can be found in qualification standard.

The existence and validity of the arborist qualificatoion certificate issued in Estonia can be seen in Estonian Qualifications Authory´s qualifications register.